Rules & Bye Laws 2024


                      THORNTON HOUGH ANGLING CLUB
                       RULES INCORPORATING BYE LAWS
                                          March 2024. 

1. The club shall be called Thornton Hough Angling Club ( T.H.A.C.)

2. The aims of the club shall be:-
i To promote angling and good angling practice
ii To promote goodwill and harmony between its members
iii To provide and maintain club waters and facilitate their use


3. Membership shall be by application to the committee via the Clubmate management site or in writing to the Secretary, proposed and seconded by members of at least 12 months standing.

The upper limit of membership numbers will be decided by committee. If no places are available then the applicant will be entered on a waiting list and informed as and when a vacancy arises.

Applicants may be required to make themselves known at a committee meeting or work party. Acceptance can be at the discretion of two officers of the club, or the committee.
Membership will commence immediately upon acceptance and payment of the appropriate fees.

All new members, and any lapsed or resigned members, are liable for an initial joining fee, as fixed by the committee, in addition to the annual membership subscription.

New members will serve a twelve month probationary period during which any breach of rules or misconduct may result in immediate termination of membership. Proposers and seconders are responsible for their applicants’ behaviour during that period.

Any changes to membership registration details ( e.g. Name, address, telephone number, Fishing licence no.) should be advised to the Secretary, in writing or via the Clubmate member services site.

4. Termination of membership shall be:-
I By resignation
ii By default in payment of membership fee
iii By resolution of the committee. In this instance the member shall be informed and have the right to appear before the committee

Lapsed or resigned members cannot fish club waters as visitors. Readmission to membership must be by written application to committee


5. Membership fees shall be determined by the committee and renewable by 1st April in any year.
Members who fail to renew will be regarded as in arrears until 14 April and will then lose all rights of membership. Any vacancy created may be filled from the waiting list and the lapsed member required to reapply to the committee. Lapsed, resigned or members in arrears have no voice at meetings.

Categories of membership and fees:-
Age up to 31 March
Adult (Full member) 18yrs up Full Rate
Youth member          16 – 18 yrs Half Rate
Junior                          8 – 15 yrs Free

In addition, the committee may appoint honorary members and/or trustees who hold all the rights and privileges of an adult member except the right to vote or be eligible to serve on the committee.

A valid Environment Agency Rod Fishing licence must be held by all members over the age of 12 yrs and by any guest. Any member fishing without such licence, or who takes a guest fishing who does not hold such licence, may at the discretion of the committee have their membership withdrawn, or suspended for a period of up to six months.

Junior members Under 16 must be introduced and accompanied by an adult member who remains in attendance and takes responsibility for the safety and behaviour of the junior.
There may be exceptional, individual circumstances, where the committee may grant exemption upon representation to encourage young members,

A member may be accompanied by one Guest/Visitor.
Any fee will be fixed by committee. Payment of the fee is the responsibility of the member who must also inform the committee of the attendance of a visitor. ( WhatsApp/ e mail/ Messaging )
Members and Guests are subject to the Constitution, Rules and any bye laws of the club.

Guests cannot attend competitions organised in the club name or those club waters being used on match dates.

Guests must be accompanied at all times by their host who is responsible for their conduct, including holding a current rod licence.

Youth and Junior members cannot take guests to club waters.

Any guest who makes more than FOUR visits in any membership year will be expected to apply for membership.
Except: a spouse/partner attending with the member, but not fishing.
Or, if permission has been granted in exceptional circumstances upon application to the committee.

Management of Club Business:

6. Committee:-

Any adult, having been a member of the club for at least one year, shall be eligible for election, and to be appointed by the Annual General Meeting, to serve on the Club Committee for twelve months or until the next such General Meeting.

The Committee will consist of:
Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Bailiff, Match Secretary.
Candidates having been properly proposed and seconded will be voted to office by a simple majority of members voting at a General Meeting.

In addition,
A minimum of six, maximum of eight members to serve as a committee from whose numbers deputies to the officers of the club may be appointed.

A Bank Account shall be maintained at a bank, approved by the committee, managed by a Treasurer. The signatures of at least two members of a committee shall be required to draw directly upon such an account.

Direct levies for Special Circumstances shall be determined by the Treasurer and must be approved by a majority of the committee

The committee shall have power to co-opt additional members as required.

A committee member failing to attend three consecutive meetings without apology or good excuse will be liable to lose the status of committee member and their place filled.

No officer or committee member of any other angling club or society can be elected an officer or committee
member of THAC.

The committee shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of this constitution and any rules, bye laws or regulations made in keeping with the aims and objectives of the club.

The members shall indemnify the committee against liability incurred by them on behalf of the club or by reason of them holding office.

Any member having complaint, suggestion or comment should put these in writing to the Secretary for discussion at the next committee meeting.

The Committee shall have the power to suspend or expel, any member who is in breach of club rules or who brings the club into disrepute.
Any member expelled shall have the right of appeal. Membership will be suspended to the next committee meeting at which they are entitled to make representation against their membership being terminated.

Grievance and Right of Appeal.

The ultimate authority of the Club shall lie with the membership. Any grievance or dispute with the committee or management of the club may be put before an Extraordinary General Meeting subject to the complainant gaining requisite number of members to support their petition to be heard.

7. Meetings

The committee shall meet on the first Wednesday of the month, except in June, July, December and January, or as required.
Any club member may attend any committee meeting and observe.
Time, date and place of meeting to be posted on club notice board.

The Annual General Meeting shall be held at such a time, date and place as the committee may determine. Notice of such meeting will be posted at the club waters notice board at least 21 days before the date fixed.
Agenda proposals to be considered must be lodged, in writing, with the secretary at least 14 days before the meeting.

Upon the written request of at least ten adult members, the Chairman shall instruct, or, the committee itself may vote, to request the Secretary to call an Extraordinary General Meeting.
Notice of such a meeting is to be posted at the waters at least 14 days before. It must specify the business to be put before it.

Five members of the committee shall form a quorum, the chair holding the casting vote if required.

Ten adult members shall form a quorum at General Meetings, the chair holding the casting vote if required.

Attendance at a General Meeting is restricted to current, paid up adult members who must be in possession of their membership card, and produce it if required.

The Rules of the Club shall only be changed at an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting called for that purpose.

Proposals for any Rule change or amendments must be received,
in writing, by the Secretary not less than 14 days prior to the meeting at which they are to be considered.

8. Responsibilities of Membership.

Members shall always be respectful of other members, the environment and facilities. They must never endanger or tarnish the good reputation of the Club.
Any committee member acting in club interests may at any time require the surrender of a members card. Membership will then be suspended until the matter be resolved at the next committee meeting.

All Adult members are empowered as bailiff. It is a term of the Club lease that we restrict access to our waters and surrounding areas. Members have a right and duty to require proof of membership and current rod licence from any person using club waters.

Members may be required to produce such documents on request by Environment Agency Staff, Police, the Land Owner/Farmer of surrounding fields and representatives of the landlord.

Members of The Thornton Hough Shoot and/or any other group authorised by the landlord, have a right of access, in our lease, through club areas, to gain access to shooting areas and/or downed game.

Vehicles must be parked safely and considerately. Agricultural vehicles require wide sweeping access to either side and opposite gateways.
Do not park adjacent to or opposite gateways.

Access to club waters is restricted to gates and paths marked on lease. It is a condition of entry that all gates must be closed and ‘stock secure’

Dogs are not allowed at club waters except with a member acting as a bailiff.

Fishing is restricted to defined pegs

Members must show consideration to others at all times. Audio devices of any description must not audible to others.

All anglers are required to be equipped with a knotless landing net and a disgorger.
If used, keepnets must be knotless and preferably fish, and specifically, carp friendly, at least 3 metres long.
Any large fish, 4lbs or above, must be released immediately and not placed in a keep net.

No keepnets during the club closed season, 1st March to first match date.

All members are requested to consider whether a keepnet is really necessary when pleasure fishing. Carp should be protected by use of unhooking mats.

Members are restricted to two rods, each equipped with one line to one hook.
Barbless hooks only.

Prohibited items : includes but not restricted to –

Braided line or hook length. Metal bait spikes, Fixed rigs, feeders or leads.
No hard boilies, pop up corn or plastic baits – that is, such items as do not breakdown readily in water. Guiding principle is to be fish friendly.

Loosefeed and Groundbait permitted in moderation.

Terminal tackle must not be left in the water unattended.

Any reference to Rod shall mean Rod/Pole

All fish caught must be returned to club waters
Individual members must not transfer fish from one water to another. Stocking policy is a committee responsibility and any suggestions about the transfer of fish should be made to the committee.

All members are held responsible for the litter in their immediate vicinity with particular emphasis on discarded line/hooks.
Leaving or ignoring litter may be subject to severe sanction.

All members are expected to contribute by undertaking some minor tasks on their own initiative. Major aesthetic changes should only be decided by the committee who may call for a work party to assemble on a given date.

A member who identifies any impediment to their peg should carry out any minor work required to remedy it but without causing annoyance or disturbance to others or making major changes to trees or bushes.

The committee, from time to time, may organise a club outing. These should be self financing and all fees paid in advance. If booked in the clubs name they will be restricted to members only and those members reminded they are representing the club and subject to these rules.

Membership does not bring any right to attend if numbers are limited.

Access to club waters is restricted by lease to between one hour before published sunrise and one hour after sunset.
Except :
(i) When acting as bailiff in the club interest, or with permission for the control of vermin.
(ii) Night Fishing is allowed by prior arrangement between 1st May and 31st August. For safety two members may fish, but must inform a committee member, preferably via WhatsApp.
This is Restricted to members only. No guests allowed.

Firearms, air guns and any other potentially offensive weapons are prohibited by our lease.
Exception only for control of vermin by committee request/permission

Fires prohibited by lease.
Exception only for club sanctioned work parties and nominated Fire Marshall.

Contact Details.

The most effective is via e mail or WhatsApp where most club info is posted.
Members apply via e mail to be included in WhatsApp group.

Web site:


E mail: ( Chair )

Members area on

Members group on WhatsApp – e mail as above for inclusion