Match Rules 2024

  1.  A Match Secretary / Captain shall be appointed, who may appoint such   assistants as thought necessary.
  2.  The decision of the Match Secretary / Captain is final.
  3.  No standing on pegs before draw.
  4.  All nets to be laid out on the bank side until 10minutes before ‘All in’.
  5.  2 keep nets to be used (1 for Silvers & F1s, 1 for Carp).
  6.  Matches will start and finish by signal at a pre-arranged time.
  7.  Landing nets to be used
  8.  No braided line or Hook lengths.
  9.  Maximum hook size 12.
  10.  All keep nets to be weighed at the peg you fish.
  11.  No Barbed or Micro Barbed Hooks to be used.
  12.  Ground bait is permitted in moderation.
  13.  No metal bait spikes.
  14.  In-line method feeders only.
  15.  Soft Boilies only (no hard long life Boilies).
  16.  No surface fishing (e.g no floating bread etc).
  17.  Above water peg gardening permitted.
  18.  All rubbish and unused bait to be taken home.